Carrie Leber PR and Marketing Blog

Carrie Leber PR and Marketing Blog

Are you looking for the Carrie Leber PR and Marketing Blog?  You have come to the right place, almost!  The blog can be found here.

We’re adding a lot of cool functions and interesting elements to this blog and this page will soon be filled with great instructional information, where you can get ideas and info about marketing your business.

Videos are an excellent way to get information – did you know that more people watch videos online than read blog posts.  For this reason Carrie Leber PR and Marketing blog will be working to create scads of new instructional videos.  We think you’ll like them.

We’ll host a lot of them on this site, in the meantime you can find our videos on YouTube

About :  This is a blog about marketing lifestyle brands and businesses.  We’ve been blogging about business since about 2006 and we love it.  We do take blogging breaks like everyone but we always come back and add content from time to time,

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What are videos?

a movie, television show, event, etc., that has been recorded onto a videocassette, DVD, etc., so that it can be watched on a television or computer screen
: a recorded performance of a song in which visual images are shown together with the music
: the moving images that are seen in a recording or broadcast

A Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying and broadcasting of moving visual images.  The creation of videos can be fun and entertaining and we recommend them!

What are marketing blogs?  They are tools that business and brands can access in order to find info, ideas and updates about all sorts of things.  We recommend you visit as many as you can so that you can be well informed about the marketing of your company.

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