Sweet and Petite!

Sometimes understated accessories make the biggest impression.

We’re in love with the sweet pieces that Beaucoup Designs recently added to their collection.

These Circle Earrings and a matching Circle Pendant that give just a dash of sparkle.  A great go-to set, they look glam in the evening, and pretty in the day.

Also in the collection are the Petite Bracelets, available in either gold or silver, they look beautiful worn in a tiny “stack”.  We especially love the tiny Lariats from Beaucoup Designs.

Beaucoup Designs Pave Earrings and Necklace

image above via Hilary Kennedy

Beaucoup Designs Petite Bracelet

Beaucoup Designs Pave Necklaces

When it comes to home fragrance, these Petite picks from Rosy Rings are the best.

The Petite Collection features home fragrance products designed to compliment smaller spaces.  The line includes a Botanical Candle ($28), Reed Diffuser ($22), Glass Candle ($22), Wax Sachets ($12), and Candle Plates ($11).

The Rosy Rings Petite Collection features three key fragrance collections:

Fig and Poppy:  Notes of sweet fig and effervescent black currant blissfully join the floral accord.

Seaglass:  The fragrance embodies the colors and the process: a marine breeze blowing through sea grasses and wild white blooms, driftwood baking on the sand and a refreshing aquatic mist.

Orange Blossom and Honey:   A gentle veil of soft white flowers envelops honeyed florals.

All three are amazing Summer fragrances, and the small sizes make them perfect for taking to those weekend destinations – be they beach houses, hotel rooms, or even campsites.

Rosy Rings Petite Collection

Rosy Rings Petite Collection

Rosy Rings Petite Collection

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